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We have a hairdresser that comes into the nursery every 4-6 weeks. We understand how difficult it is to find the time to take your children to get their hair cut, so let us lighten the load. Our hairdresser has been with us for a number of years, so is a friendly face for the children. It is also nice for the children to have it done in an environment that they are comfortable in.


We have a couple of outside clubs come into the nursery to do workshops with the children.

Kinderama – Every Thursday we have a lady come in from Kinderama to do a session that involves dance, sport, drama and music. This is an excellent way for the children to gain confidence.

Debutots – We have a Debutots session every Tuesday during the school term. Debutots is an interactive story telling workshop. These classes are brilliant to develop your child’s language and communication skills.

Food & Nutrition

At Poplars we have an onsite chef that prepares nutritious meals from scratch, using fresh ingredients. All the children are catered for, including babies and special dietary requirements. Our menus are based on a three week rota consisting of fish, chicken, red meat and vegetarian dishes. The lunch meal always includes vegetables and a carbohydrate e.g. potato, rice, pasta or noodles. The children also take part in preparing and cooking a variety of foods, from pizza and sandwiches to cakes and Gruffalo crumble. In addition to our varied menu we try to include “themed” days, such as Indian or Italian. This usually falls in line with different cultural celebrations throughout the year. The staff at Poplars promotes independence to the children at meal times. We encourage them to use their cutlery and dependant on age the children will pour their own drinks and self-serve.

Sample Menu